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        Roll Caster

        • Caster roll diameter 600~1200 mm
        • Caster roll length800~2300 mm
        • Strip width500~2150 mm
        • Strip thickness5~10 mm
        • Steel roll shell Max. 1.5 m/min
        • Copper roll shellMax. 3 m/min
        • O.D. of coilΦ2600 mm (Max.)
        • Equipment Technological Speed

        1. Detailed information

        North China Heavy Machinery manufactures two types of continuous roll casters: the horizontal continuous roll caster and the tilt-back continuous roll caster. The caster rolls can have steel casting shell or copper casting shell. In accordance with the different installed levels, the roll caster can be equipped with optimum melting furnace, holding furnace,degasser and filter, metal level control system, roll surface spraying system and closed loop cooling water system to meet the production process.

        Possessing rich experience of designing, manufacturing, and installing and commissioning the roll caster, North China Heavy Machinery devotes adequate time to improving the operation levels and production process of the roll caster to ensure the continuous and reliable production.

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