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        Foil Mill

        • Material Aluminium and its alloy
        • Work roll diameter235 ~ 300 mm
        • Back up roll diameter 550 ~ 850 mm
        • Line speed1800 m/min (Max. )
        • Entry strip width800 ~ 1800 mm
        • Entry strip thickness0.6 mm (Max. )
        • Exit strip thickness0.005 mm (Min.)
        • O.D. of coil Φ2100 mm (Max.)
        • Equipment Technological Speed

        1. Detailed information

        Focusing on global high end foil products, North China Heavy Machinery devotes more time to technology research and developmeng of aluminium foil processing equipments as well as pays much attention to improve equipments productive efficiency and handing technology, achieving fellow colleagues' pursuit and dream.

        The foil mill has threading air floating channel, by which threading can be carried out quickly and conveniently so as to reduce the operation difficulty. The backup rolls and work rolls can be automatically corrected by the backup roll correcting cylinder and work roll positioning cylinder,which effectively avoids the product quality product quality problem due to the non-parallelism of the roll sets.

        The work roll bearings are lubricated by the oil bath while the backup roll bearings are lubricated by forced oil lubrication sustem, and the entry guide roll bearings are lubricated by rolling oil while the exit guide roll and ironing roll bearings are lubricated by grease. And the general hydraulic system medium adopts rolling oil to avoid polluting rolling oil.

        The ironing roll presses the rolled strip on the spool.The pressure to the coil is controlled accurately by the proportional pressure reducing valve and removes the air between the layers of strips to improve the recoiling quality.

        The automatic steel spool handing system is separated from the coil cars as well as the loading and unloading spool and coil can be done simultaneously,increasing the production efficiency.

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