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        1. Hot Mill
        2. Hot Mill

        Hot Mill

        • MaterialAluminium and its alloys of all series
        • Slab thickness300~650 mm (After surface milling)
        • Slab width900~2100 mm
        • Slab length3500~6000 mm
        • Finish product thickness 4~10 mm(single stand with two recoilers) 2 mm (minimum, second phase: 1stand plus 4 stands continuous hot mills)
        • Coil O.D.2400 mm (Max.)
        • Rolling force4000T
        • Rolling torqueNominated 2500/1040 KN·m 225% per minute: 5625/2340 KN·m
        • Line speed0~100/240 m/min
        • Main motor2×2~2240 Kw
        • Equipment Technological Speed

        1. Detailed information

        North China Heavy Machinery designed and manufactured the 1 plus 4 stands continuous hot mill of  Φ930×2350/Φ1500×2250 mm - Φ750×2350/Φ1500×2250 mm for Weifang Sanyuan Aluminium Co., Ltd. After several passes of roughing and reversing rolling to achieve the strip of medium thickness of 15-40 mm,and then 1-4 passes of continuously hot rolling,the hot mill rolls the heated and surface milled aluminium ingot into final coils of thickness 2-18 mm, providing good quality stock with high performance for cold mill.

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