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      1. North China Heavy Machinery

        Company Vision

        North China Heavy Machinery

        Zhuozhou North China Heavy Machinery Design Co., Ltd. (North China Heavy Machinery - NCHM) is specialized in designing and manufacturing  of processing equipments for the Aluminium Rolling Industry, which gathers many domestic and overseas experts in the field of aluminium processing equipment designing and manufacturing, and the technical experts group builds a strong line-up.

        At present,  Most of NCHM’s professionals have more than decades of experience on designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and operating equipment for the Aluminium Rolling Industry. Their skilled technical, full experiences and strong practical ability achieved great honor on site.

        NCHM strives for exceeding Customers’ expectations during all phases of each project. From the first contact with Customer to the equipment star up and operation, NCHM’s main focus is Customer Satisfaction.

        NCHM is certified by the norms GB/T19001 and ISO9001 quality management system, the comprehensive technical strength ranks top among domestic industry.

        NCHM occupies an area of 35,000 square meters, 23,000 square meters of building area. The equipment assembly yard covers over 6,000 square meters. The assembly platform occupies over 2,300 square meters. The largest inspection platform is 2 meters wide and 3 meters long. The maximum lifting capacity (overhead crane) is 100 tons. NCHM operates the following machining equipments: more than 20 sets of heavy-duty machines, more than 50 sets of intermediate and small machines. The anuual machining capacity is over 4,000 tons and annual assembly capacity is over 10,000 tons. The company is recognized in its field and its machining capabilities is one of its main strengths.

        In the aluminium processing special equipment research and development, North China Heavy Machinery has design team that mastered mature design technique of Roll Caster, Hot Mill, Cold Mill and Finishing Cold Mill, Rough Foil Mill, Intermediate & Finishing Foil Mill, Foil Separator, Foil Doubler, Slitting Line, Cut-to-length Line, Edge Trimmer and Recoiler, Tension Leveler, Cleaning Line, Hydrophilic Fin Line, etc.

        In the aspect of complete sets of equipment manufacture capacity, the production and assembly of most parts are finished in the company with special process according to function and usage requirements, which effectively guarantee the manufacture quality and delivery time.

        The partnership of NCHM with parts and components manufacturers in China and abroad, allows the company to provide high quality equipment, superior technical support and high quality services to domestic and foreigners Customers.

        Also, relying on full experiences and advanced technology, NCHM is able of providing new equipments for aluminium and aluminium alloy and other non-ferrous metals processing according to different requirements from Customers, as well as process and operational training regarding to all equipments.

        With the use of the company’s resources (Manpower, Equipment, Technology and Expertise), NCHM devotes itself to providing to the Aluminium Casting and Rolling Industry the reliable and advanced equipment . NCHM is looking forward to continue forming long lasting cooperation and partnerships with Customers in China and worldwide by developing win-win business relationships.

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